The convergence of disciplines and technologies, the relationship between research andindustries, the early collaboration between start-up companies and investors, cooperation between companies instead of competition are evident trendsof social, cultural and economic growth.
The event explores best practices world-wide in the above principles and delineates aroad-map and a strategic vision to create a successful ecosystem of researchers,entrepreneurs and investors that believe and these principles and are willing to make achanges in current practices.
The organizers have invited people from academic institutions and industries, investors, policy makers to seat together, share knowledge and experience and shaping a vision ofthe future.

26 June – Start-ups and Corporate Venture
Startuppers will present their experience by sharing with us success stories and whatthey feel the most important support they received during the early days of theircompanies to reach the current stage. The take home message from start upper will bewhat really matter when you start a company to survive and scale.Corporate ventures will share with us what they are looking for in research groups andyoung companies to invest in and what they are expecting after their investment.There will be also presentations toshow what governmental agencies are doing tosupport innovation and new entrepreneurial initiatives, how a start-up can help otherstart-ups offering services, how deep-tech can help sustainability.

27 June – Investors, banks
The success of an ecosystem that wants to nurture new entrepreneurial initiatives depends also on the availability of venture capitals to support young company growth. Professional ventures, public funds and banks will share how they work, what they look in young companies to invest in, what they expect after the investment and what support they provide besides money. The take home message will be how a start-up must shape itself to become appealing to investors and how the ecosystem can help them to reach that target.
The end of the day will start exploring how companies interacts with universities and young company to satisfy their needs of innovation and how they interpret open innovation and knowledge sharing.

28 June – Companies
Multinational companies have a role in developing innovation ecosystems. They can act like investors or first costumers or both for young companies. They can provide a market outlook to founders and also help them creating the right company culture. Many companies will present their approach with young companies and universities and what they are looking for to satisfy their innovation needs. The take home message will be what is the ideal interaction between multinational companies, universities and start-up for a win-win-win collaboration.

29 June – Incubators, accelerators
Many successful incubators and accelerators will present their recipe for nurturing young companies and make them ready for the market or for an exit. The take home message will be what are the best practices world-wide in terms of services and support for start-up. There will be also another session of companies that will show their approach to open innovation and co-creation of knowledge.

Dettagli dell’evento

Riccardo Zucchi - Rector, University of Pisa.

President and CEO, SAGE.


Chairman and Founder SleepActa, University of Pisa.


CEO and Founder Cofoundry Coworking.

CPO and Co-founder Zerynth, University of Pisa.

VP of AI Healios and Co-founder Bio-Beats.

Head of Alternative Illiquid Investments, Kairos Partners SGR.


Head of Incentives and Innovation, Invitalia.


Chairman Eniverse Ventures and Group Head of Innovation Ecosystems Eni.

Alessio Cavicchi — Rector’s delegate for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Culture and Innovation, University of Pisa.
Electra Coutsoftides - CEO and Co-founder Xworks.
Francesco Oppedisano - President, CNA Pisa.
Corrado Ruffini - Director Emeritus, McKinsey & Company.
Marco Cattaneo — Editor in Chief, Le Scienze and National Geographic Italy.

Senior Partner, Head of Technology Transfer Fund, CDP Venture Capital.

Partner EUREKA! Venture SGR

Managing Partner and CEO Prana Ventures


Managing Partner Venture Factory.


CIO of BNL BNP Paribas.

Head of Trend Analysis and Applied Research, Intesa San Paolo Innovation Center.

Investor Partner, Plus9.


Vice President NEXT Yacht Group.

Chief Strategy Officer Palladio Group.

President Nuovo Pignone – Baker Hughes.

Isabelle Andrieu - CEO, Pi School.
Saverio Ferraro, CIO of BNL BNP Paribas.
Giorgio Mattei - Vice President, NEXT Yacht Group.
Corrado Priami - Rector’s Delegate for Research Exploitation and New Entrepreneurial Initiatives, University of Pisa.
Nicola Redi - Managing Partner, Venture Factor.
Barbara Gasperini — Tech&Innovation journalist, Green&Blu and La Repubblica.

SVP Open Innovation Ferrero

VP R&D, Head of NPTC Waters Nestlé

Scientific Director, Fondazione Biotecnopolo Siena


Head of Special Projects, Chiesi Farmaceutici


Global Director, Preclinical and Translational Sciences, Menarini Ricerche

Senior Director, Strategic Alliances, GSK


Marketing and Operations Lead, Microsoft


Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, ION Group

Director, Quantum computing, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and University College London

Head of Innovation Enel Green Power and Thermal Generation


Monica Binaschi - Global Director, Preclinical and Translational Sciences, Menarini Ricerche.
Chiara Galletti - Rector's Delegate for Industrial Realtions, University of Pisa.
Fabio Roberto Mora - SVP Open Innovation Ferrero.
Carlo Purassanta - Executive Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Development, ION Group.
Jacopo Orsini - Journalist, Il Messaggero.

Chief Innovation and Corporate Partnership Caltech

Director of Programming, Cambridge Enterprise


Corporate Partnerships and Startups, Biz Dev and Entrepreneurship, Imperial College London

Vice Rector for Innovation and Relations with Industry, University of Padova

Founding Partner and CEO of Nordic Science Investments Oy (NSI)

Professor University of Pisa and BoD Member Fondazione Golinelli

General Manager, G-Factor

Commercial Director, Movyon

Head R&D Toyota Material Handling Manufacturing Italy

Chief Digital Officer, Vitesco Technologies Italy

Andrea Di Benedetto - President, Polo Tecnologico Navacchio.
Simon Hepworth - Corporate Partnerships and Startups, Biz Dev and Entrepreneurship, Imperial College London.
Laura Orestano - CEO SocialFare.
Corrado Priami - Rector’s Delegate for Research Exploitation and New Entrepreneurial Initiatives, University of Pisa.
Luca Tremolada - Data journalist, Il Sole 24 Ore.

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Dettagli dell’evento